I just watched “Mickey Mouse Monopoly” for the first time the other day. It really opened my eyes and I now see Disney movies in a whole new way. “Mickey Mouse Monopoly” condemns Disney movies for negatively affecting kids views of how their life in society should be. At the same time, according to the article “Family Values in Disney Movies, others believe that “disney movies help influence kids to behave positively in society. Some people strongly oppose these movies while others see nothing wrong with them. After watching this movie and researching more on the “Mickey Mouse” corporation I do not think as highly of these movies but at the same time i do not think they are as harmfull on the social development of children as “Mickey Mouse Monopoly” is protraying.

“Mickey Mouse Monopoly” is more of a criticism about values that are protrayed in Disney movies and the Disney Corporation as a whole. In this movie it discusses that Disney expresses negative “racial”, “gender,” and “social” attitudes in their films which have an influence on the way the children watching them percieves life (Mickey Mouse Monopoly). There were two main negative influences discussed in this movie and  also in an online article, “Gender Stereotypes in Disney Movies,” which are the gender-social roles of women in society and racial discrimination (Mickey Mouse Monopoly).For Example negative gender and social roles are expressed through many of the princesses and female characters in these movies. Interviewers in “Mickey Mouse Monopoly” said that they protrayed all the women charcters to be skinny, beautiful and that they all couldn’t depend on themsleves. They protrayed that  in the end the female characters ended up “needing a man to rescue them” (Mickey Mouse Monopoly).” The interviewers believed that the girls would watch these movies and would start to believe that in life they would have to depend on a male figure that they wouldn’t be able to rely solely on themselves (Mickey Mouse Monopoly). It also gives the young girls the idea that beauty is a major factor in determining a more superior place in society(Mickey Mouse Monopoly). According to the movie and website there are also many “racial stereotypes” seen in many of this corporations movies (Gender Stereotypes in Disney Movies). These stereotypes focus towards “African Americans” and darked skined ethnic group as being represented as evil or bad(Mickey Mouse Monopoly). An example in “Mickey Mouse Monopoly” a latino women explains that many times in disney movies the chihuaua voice is latino and is usually protrayed as really hyper and finding themselves in some kind of mischief (Mickey Mouse Monopoly). These are just a few examples, different stereotypes were being pulled out of the various movies. On another website I read “Top Ten Hidden Messages In Cartoons” they believed there were hidden messages in these movies. For example in “The Lion King” when simba lays down on the cliff causing a cloud of dirt it resembles the letters to write out the word “sex” (Top Ten Hidden Messages in Cartoons). Also in “Aladdin” there is a spot where it sounds like Aladdin says “good teenagers take off your clothes”(Top Ten Hidden Messages in Cartoons).

Many people watch these movies and these negative themes is what they see, however  many other people watch these movies and think that they send children positive messages (Family Values in Disney Movies). According to Family Values in Disney movies there are many positve values expressed in disney movies such as “loyalty, “a positive work ethic”, kindness and encourages “knowledge and reading.(Family Values in Disney Movies)”For example “A positive work ethic” is protrayed in “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” when she goes into the house and is willing to clean it up with a good attitude (Family Values in Disney Movies). Also in “Beauty and the Beast” Belle encourages reading (Family Values in Disney Movies). Belle also teaches kids to try to see the good in other people and to forgive and allow for second chances.

I do not think that these movies have as bad a negative affect as “Mickey Mouse Monopoly” is trying to protray. After watching this movie i  do see stereotypes or using the different cultural ideas for entertainment. In my opinion the people being interviewed were looking to hard into it though. Look at Taco Bell they use a chiuaua as a symbol for their mexican based theme. Another example, one from “Peter Pan,” an interviewer said that they stereotyped Native Americans for looking foolish jumping around,making noises by slapping their mouths, ignoring the importance of culture(Mickey Mouse Monopoly). As a kid i did the same thing when i associated anything with Indian without having any influence from this movie. I discussed earlier that in many of the disney movies the women are rescued by men. I think this is more for entertainment purposes and i do not think that it was meant for girls to get the idea that women are not strong or can not function without a male figure. They are pinpointing Disney but these themes are seen in the majority of films and television shows.

I agree with the article “We love Media Criticism” somebody finds something negative in almost every movie or television show out there (We Love Media Criticism).  I watched disney movies all growing up. I don’t think they are as harmfull as stated. I am female and I definetly do not take from the movies i watched that i should be stuck in the house cooking and cleaning. I never saw that in the movie as a girl and watching those movies has not shaped me to think that as I have gotten older. I think movies do have an influence but it goes along with what you are taught also from your family and other areas of your life like school.  In most cases I don’t think kids see the bad themes or take out of these movies the same things that adults. After watching this movie though it did make me see movies in a whole new way. When I am a parent I will let my kids watch these movies, however I will be more aware and know what my kids are watching.

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